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------------------------------------------------- "RIZAL'S SECOND SOJOURN(pag babakasyon) IN PARIS AND THE UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION(paglalahad) OF 1889" Paris in the spring of 1889 was bursting with gaiety(joy) and excitement because of the universal exposition. Thousands of visitors from all corner of the world crowded every hotel, inn, and boarding house .every -where in the metropolis the hotel rate in London , was caught in the whirl of gay Parisian life .despite the social parties and the glittering light of the city , he continued his fruitful artistic , literary , and patriotic labor(makabayang pag gawa), he published his annotated(comment) edition of Morgam’s success; founded three Filipino societies, the kidlat club,…show more content…
Like any ordinary Filipino tourist in a foreign land Rizal was fascinated(nabighani) by the universal Exposition of Parish which opened on May 6, 1889. The greatest attraction of this exposition was the Eiffel Tower, 984 feet high, which was built by Alexander Eiffel, celebrated French engineer. Rizal and his friends attended the opening ceremonies and saw the cutting of the ribbon by President Sadi Carnotof the Third French Republic. Paris was jammed with thousands of tourist coming from all parts of the world. Daily the Exposition drew a vast crowd of 200, 000 persons or more. One of the features of the Exposition was the international art competition, in which Felix R. Hidalgo, Juan Luna, Felix Pardo de Tavera, and Rizal participated. Hidalgo’s painting was awarded second prize, the paintings of Juan Luna and F. Pardo de Tavera each obtained the third prize. While Rizal’s entry (a bust which he modelled got no prize. This bust was quite good to qualify for the exhibition, but not good enough to win an international prize. Kidlat Club. On March 19, 1889, the same day when he arrived in Paris from London, Rizal organized his paisanos (compatriots) into a society called Kidlat Club. Among the members were Antonio and Juan Luna, Gregorio Aguilera, Fernando Canon, Lauro

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