Film Analysis : Southern Ideals

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Film title: Southern Ideals
150-word film description:
This film is developed as a critique of women’s roles and expectations in a patriarchal society. These film stills are a satire of the set of instructions placed in front of the female population. These societal expectations, no matter how ridiculous, is meant to be fulfilled by not only young women but all women. This film shows how this young woman is growing up in the South, meant represent how a southern debutante is required to juggle multiple aspects of life to please the man in her life. More or less going from being her father’s daughter, then handed off to be her husband’s wife. This film is meant to be set in the fifties, when etiquette classes were still prevalent; and grooming, propriety, and traditional values were taught by books or by courses. There was a specific path for women to be educated, but confined to the life of a housewife. Thoughtless conformity is the driving force of these southern ideals, traditional roles to be maintained.

Film still title: The Debutante
Chapter 11 or 12 heading: art critiquing gender roles
200-word film still description and analysis: This film still is of a woman in the 1950’s, in the midst of an etiquette class. She is dressed nicely, not a hair out of place. Her expression is set, concentrating on the balancing act at hand. In one hand she is cooking something in a pan, possibly making food for her husband. In the other, there is a cup in a saucer, representing a

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