Financial Accounting Theories And Disclosures Of Financial Information Will Affect Decision Making

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Financial Accounting Theory (FAT) provides me an overview of the role of financial accounting in decision making which gives me a deeper insight of how accounting theories and disclosures of financial information will affect decision making. Throughout 12-week seminars, it develops my critical thinking skills which change my view of FAT to a new perspective. From which, it establishes an insightful explanation of the reason behind of every action and logic underlying of particular practice. And, this effectively change my viewpoint and knowledge where I am now able to link the financial accounting theories to real cases which develops my ability and understanding of the interpretations of behaviours of every decision maker. In short, this course is well-designed workplace preparation in giving me an opportunity to move beyond application of in-class knowledge into workplace practices. 2.0 PERSONAL REFLECTION 2.1 IN-CLASS CASE STUDY In-class case study provides me an opportunity to study and understand the article given from different angles and allows me to critically think and apply appropriate financial accounting theories in the particular case study. Additionally, FAT acts as framework and strategy which guides my ways in solving problems, particularly in-class case study. It directs the implications of accounting information and to what extent the information influences the real world. Furthermore, it clearly emphases that being an accountant is not only focusing on
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