Finding A Moral Decision For An Important Meeting Is Worth The Emotional Distress Of A Student

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In a case where one must make a moral decision to fit their employment standards, Janet, a biology teacher, must determine whether or not missing an important meeting is worth the emotional distress of a student who is seeking help. The nature of this biology teacher’s problem is that she must decide whether or not to miss a meeting with the college’s hiring committee, one she is expected to attend in order to vote on possible job candidates. The reason behind missing this meeting would be because a student has come to her to discuss a personal issue that has been interfering with her academic performance. It seems as though the meeting will start before the student even finishes talking about her problems, such that the only way Janet …show more content…

Although, with option 2, Janet can persist to listen to the student’s problems even though she knows she will be late for the meeting. This would take place if Janet was more morally concerned rather than ethically concerned. If Janet were to use option 2, it would characterize her decision to be in favor of the student, such that Janet thinks interrupting the student would be morally wrong, and it would not the right thing to do based on her own personal beliefs. Three moral values that relate to this specific situation would be the respect for persons, compassion and beneficence. Respect for a person is self explanatory, such that it is a simply act of respect towards another human being. Compassion is the concern and sympathy one can show towards a human being also. Lastly, beneficence is the act of doing good2 If Janet chose option 1, interrupting the student and making it to the meeting on time, the moral values of respect, compassion and beneficence would be completely misrepresented. Due to the fact that Janet would not consider the students feelings with option 1, the moral value known as respect for persons, would be betrayed. By interrupting the student while she was trying to talk about her problems, Janet is showing disrespect. Respected would be represented if Janet allowed the student to finish speaking, rather than interrupting her in the middle

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