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Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations for Student Housing in H University Summary We make this report to inform you about the current situation of student housing in H University, and propose recommendations for you to make a better place for students to live. The results show that the current state of housing is not yet satisfying for students, and the government officials should subsidy the housing program. Findings History H University Housing 1936-2014: A Chronology of Events Our university is well known for its long history, here is a brief outline for its housing history, which indicates a rough record of its student housing: [pic] Figure 1 Kenneth R. Pierce (2005), Web Site Usability Report for Harvard University…show more content…
Additionally, most students choose the scale that is higher than six, which dedicates that generally, students are satisfied with the housing situation. [pic] Figure 4 The primary conceptualized factors of the SAPI(Fatemeh Khozaei,2011) As the research that is conducted by Fatemeh Khozaei(2011), the results of which show that students will consider about housing on campus in terms of eight factors, which consists of security, location, convenience and so. The results of which that can encourage the following survey about what specific part of housing life students are satisfied with: Table 4 Dissatisfaction and Satisfaction |Dissatisfaction |Satisfaction | |Little privacy |Get to know other people around | |Relatively small room for each |Fairly clean | |Odd persons around sometimes |Properly furnitured | |Little bit smelly |Trustworthy security

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