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Suppose, halfway through the Bush presidency if Laura were to pass away, leaving George to start seeing another woman only 5 months later. Or if Obama tried running for president as a bachelor. Or if Trump… lets not even go there. In all seriousness, instances like these would never happen in the modern political environment, but earlier in American history, three events occurred that caused the president to marry during his presidency. The marriage of John and Julia Tyler, Grover and Frances Cleveland, and Woodrow and Edith Wilson are the only cases of presidents who have wed during their time in office. In todays political climate, it is rare for a candidate to attempt to run for the presidency without a potential first spouse running …show more content…

He seemed to fill the place and to be more agreeable in every way than any young man ever was or could be.” Plans for a secret wedding were underway, and on June 26, 1844 John and Julia Tyler wed at Church of the Ascension in New York. Only her immediate family, Tyler’s son and a few close friends attended the wedding, since the family was still morning her father’s death. The first glace of the newlyweds was upon leaving the church in a carriage drawn by white horses.

Americas Response The Tyler’s received mixed responses regarding their marriage. Views from family members, other political leaders, the media and the American people as a whole, proved to be opinionated on the marriage. Julia Tyler also played a role in how she was perceived in the media. As the Tyler’s traveled from New York, to their honeymoon location in Virginia crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the First Couple. Julia Tyler wrote to her mother, “Wherever we stopped, wherever we went, crowds of people outstripping one another came to gaze at the President’s bride.” She described peoples’ reaction of the secret wedding as, “the tongue and admiration of everyone. Everyone says it was the best managed thing they ever heard of.” According to these accounts, the American people were excited to witness the first marriage that occurred during a presidency. Julia Tyler intended to keep the positive

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