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Fitbit seems target those who understand and desire the data gathered by the Charge 2, to use to achieve certain fitness and health related goals. The design seems to cater for a younger market. By targeting young people, Fitbit can take advantage of the correlation between age and brand loyalty, as it has been shown that millennial consumers are the most brand loyal demographic (Smith, 2015). “Brand loyalty is likely fortified if the marketing strategies…present a clear personality of the brand” (Wu, & Lin, 2016, p194) and Fitbit maintains the company’s fitness and health orientated brand identity in the promotion of the Charge 2, in order to play to those loyal to the brand. Product positioning Fitbit, much like all other brands, has…show more content…
Perceptual mapping The Fitbit Charge 2’s three main competitors are the Apple Watch 2, Samsung Gear Fit 2 and the Garmin Vivofit 3. In the perceptual mapping the two bases - price-benefit ratio as well as the design and form - will be used to help visualize its position on the market in relation to Fitbit’s 3 biggest competitors. The price-benefit ratio was chosen as consumers “always… consider the price-benefit ratio” (Canhoto, & Arp, 2016, p41) when buying new products, with the key benefit in question being the device’s functionality. Furthermore, the design and form was chosen as the second base due to the “importance [on the] hedonic features” (Canhoto, & Arp, 2016, p41), that consumers place on wearable devices. Perceptual mapping showing the position of various products according to price-benefit ratio and design. Below shows where the sources behind the positions. • Apple Watch 2 Design ("Apple Watch review", 2017) and price-benefit ratio ("Apple Watch Series 2", 2017) • Fitbit Charge 2 Design ("Fitbit Charge 2 Review", 2017) and price-benefit ratio ("Fitbit Charge 2", 2017) • Garmin Vivofit 3 Design ("Garmin Vivofit review", 2017) and price-benefit ratio ("Garmin Vivofit 3", 2017) • Samsung Gear fit 2 Design ("Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review", 2017) and price-benefit ratio ("Samsung Gear Fit 2", 2017) The price-benefit position

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