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Top 7 Natural Exfoliants for Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is more susceptible to acne, allergic reaction, and rash, thus requires additional care and nourishment. To remove dead cells of sensitive skin, it is preferable to use natural exfoliants instead of commercially available chemical scrubs. Natural exfoliants produce no side effects, supports reproduction of new skin cells, and confers the skin a natural glow. Here are the seven greatest natural exfoliants for facial skin:
1. Oat and olive oil
Grind the oat using a food processor and mix the ground oat with a sufficient amount of olive oil. Use your fingertips covered with the mixture to gently rub your face and neck, and let the essential oil absorb to your skin. After 10–15 minutes, …show more content…

ground oatmeal, milk powder and water. Use your fingertips to massage the resulting paste on your face in a circular motion for 2–3 minutes. Leave the paste for 10–15 minutes then rinse off with tepid water.
Precautions and tips
(i) Avoid scrubbing these exfoliants on acnes, or any skin area that is currently burned, wounded or easily irritated.
(ii) Before exfoliating, first cleanse your face and neck with soap and warm water to remove any makeup as well as dirt and dust.
(iii) Stop using any of the above natural ingredient if it produces itchy allergic reactions to your skin.
(iv) Do an allergy patch test by scrubbing the paste on a small skin area and wait 10–15 minutes for its responses. If the paste causes any itchy allergic reaction, immediately wash the applied area with cold water.
(v) Massage the exfoliant on your face and neck in a circular motion using your fingertips. Alternatively, gently spread the exfoliant across your face using a cosmetic pad. Avoid any vigorous rubbing because your face requires light pressure and tender strokes. After massaging, gently rinse the exfoliant off with tepid water. Next, wash your face with cold water to close the pores and pat it dry using a soft

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