Folklore And The Akan Culture

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Folklore in the Akan Culture Folklore in the lives of the Akans of Ghana comprise of popular oral traditional beliefs, tales, myths, , and practices of the people’s customs which has been disseminated in an informal manner from one generation to the other over and over again in the community. Folklore can also be considered the roots of expressive genres such as a myth, cultural activity, music, riddles, dance, legends, proverbs, and “wise sayings” which are shared within the Akan culture. The Akans and the Dagombas of Ghana are two distinct cultures that integrate and embrace the folklore aspects into their traditional lives and activities. The Dagombas believe it to be the means by which the unseen or the spiritual world communicates with the living. In view of this, folklores are endowed in the hands of the elders and the “wise” men in the community to lead ceremonies whenever it is being practiced. The Akans on the other hand, believe that it is the traditional birthrights of every tribesman to know the norm which defines them as who they really are and their identity. They integrate a complex system of symbolism in their everyday, ritual, and ceremonial life. Their exquisite intricately woven kente cloth, complexly stamped Adinkra cloths, carved wooden figures, and the handworks of the gold smiths, exemplifies the resonance of the folk life. Color plays a prominent role in the visual symbolic sense by providing a meaning, an interpretation, and establishing a tone for

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