Food Additives And Its Effects On The Modern World

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People who live in the modern world can readily enjoy a variety of delicious foods such as hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and even sushi rolls. These meals, in many cases, do not require people to spend much time to prepare them. Instead of time-consuming preparation, people only have to mix up all packed ingredients and then put them into a microwave. In respect of sushi roles, they are usually sold after every cooking process is finished. In other words, all consumers have to do is just open up the package. Because these prepared food products are processed in big factories, most people who prefer to eat these dishes do not seem to know how to cook them from scratch. However, during industrial manufacturing, ingredients that are usually not found in the house kitchen are used frequently−food additives. Food additives are eatable chemicals which make food appetizing and keep it fresh. The final goal to utilize these chemicals is to save production cost. For instance, strawberry gummies people eat are usually flavored with food additives to mimic “strawberrish” smell, taste, and color. Manufacturers paint gummies with red, orange, blue, and green dye because the cost of food dyes is incredibly cheaper than the cost of real fruit to flavor the same amount of gummies. Alternatively, orange juice is another typical example of food products with food additives. The amount of juice squeezed from one orange is really small. It cannot fill even a small cup. Therefore, juice
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