Food Is The Problem Of Urban Food In The Urban Community

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What do high crime rate, increasing amount of obesity in both adult and children, and poor mental health have in common? When talking about low-income area and the major issues associated with poor urban communities, guerrilla gardener, Ron Finley stressed that “Food is the Problem and food is the solution.” In inner-city communities, there is many fast food restaurants which contributes to food deserts and chronic health problems in these low-income areas. You can also find a plethora of vacant lots with large quantities of over grown weeds and litter. Individuals living in these types of communities also have shown high levels of mental illness and stress. Developing a community garden that is accessible and maintained by the same community will manifest a sense of unity amongst the people. The solution to these issues, that plague so many poor communities in urban America, is food.
Urban communities have noticeably been bombarded by fast food and non-nutritional food products, which contribute to the neighborhood environment turning into a food desert. In the qualitative study “Growing what you eat: Developing community gardens in Baltimore, Maryland” by Michelle P. Corrigan, the author states that “…obtaining healthy and affordable food sometimes proves difficult, especially for low-income and minority populations who often lack access to automobile and public transportation…” Without the option to choose healthier alternatives, low-income communities are forced to buy

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