Food Safety Laws Is Vital For Your Health

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Food safety laws are in place to uphold standards that keep food safe for all to eat. This is important for citizens of the country who rely on the country as a source of food, as well as tourists who are visiting a foreign country. Food safety laws and regulations are put in place to hold businesses and food production companies to a higher standard. In both the Unites States and China, clean and safe food is vital for your health. It is in the best interest of the citizens of the country that food safety laws work to keep the supply clean and safe for all. China. Prescribed by Article 11 of the Food Safety Law, it is up to the “Health Administrative Department of the State Council” and the state council departments of industry and commerce, quality supervision, administration and management, and national food and drugs supervision departments to create a national food safety program to monitor hazards (State Council of China, 2012). These regulations adopted in 2009 set up strict standards that help regulate quality control for food and produce companies. Anyone who wishes to go into business in China has to obtain approval for their business and to secure approval to “engage in food production in line with” the Food Safety Law (Council of China, 2012). Quality supervision and admin departments have to inspect any relevant products in accordance to the laws to maintain a level of food safety. Companies have to screen for the health of their employees to prevent any
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