For For ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc., Manufacturing is the Industry of Choice

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The goal is every business is to generate profits for its shareholders and to operate for the foreseeable future. For ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc., manufacturing has been the industry of choice. With the building and upcoming opening of the new plant, it is expected that a boost in productivity and profitability will follow. To be able to adequately measure how much the new plant will contribute to the overall productivity and profitability of the company, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. Because the company is solely involved in manufacturing, a plant productivity analysis is one of the ways to quantify the exact level of contribution of the new plant.
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The involvement of suppliers would improve the quality of its product and services while the involvement of customers would be beneficial to enhance the effectiveness of problem solving activities.
The addition of the following situations in the information management system of ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. would be effective to enhance the effectiveness of the new plant: The system should be web based so that information could be accessed easily; all require software should be configured so that real time information and analysis can be provided; to choose the most effective and operational operating system; include the security system to eliminate unauthorized access of the information (Muchemu, 2006); and the effective change management system so as to reduce any further conflict from the implementation of one/a set of information management system(s). Information management is paramount for any business because in the current business environment, no business can be successful without the effective manipulation information. The analysis of the information relevant to the business helps to accomplish the organizational goals. In the growing age of the information technology the information management system helps to find the appropriate information in an easy manner. The business includes a lot of information that is not necessarily important for decision making

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