For Many Years, The Healthcare System Has Trusted The Use

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For many years, the healthcare system has trusted the use of paper-based records to obtain and document patient information. The practice of paper-based records has caused many concerns in healthcare which patients and doctors face problems each day because a reliable record of patient history is lacking (Kohil and Swee-Lin Tan, 2016). As healthcare, continuous to evolve, the evolution of technology has transformed drastically, a reference to laptops, smartphones, and devices that use the internet to help renovate the way people communicate and impact their lives. In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) has transformed health care by implementing electronic health records (EHS) (Tripathi, …show more content…

Kohil and Swee-Lin Tan (2016) provides an example of what many healthcare professionals experience when a patient comes to a hospital setting of their chief complaint. An example, the patient comes to the urgent care complaining of difficulty breathing, pain in the chest and indicates a history of hypertension, heart issues, and end-stage renal disease. The patient informs that they have been admitted to several different hospitals complaining of the same problems. The patient is unable to identify prescription and dosage and is allergic to several medications but unable to recall the names. Since the patient has been to several hospitals, the doctors are unaware of the true details of the patient recent tests, treatment or medications previously completed. This situation may cause clinicians to unwillingly prescribe new medications or treatments without obtaining the patient past and current medical records.
Due to conditions previously presented, the use of a paper-based recording is no longer adequate in today’s health care setting. Henceforth, health professionals are required to implement a device that can provide clinical decision-support capabilities, access to accurate and relevant patient data, patient safety and enhance the quality of healthcare delivery. Therefore, the electronic health record was established to address the deficiencies of paper-based records.
With the use of EHR

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