Ford Motor Organizational Structure

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Ford Motor’s organizational structure is designed according to regional markets. Other characteristics of this organizational structure are based on the global scope and nature of Ford’s business. Ford Motor’s structure is based on business needs in dynamic market conditions round the world. A firm’s structure typically defines the configuration of structure elements and the system of interaction. In Ford’s case, the structure a lot of or less directly relates to the world automotive industry condition. The international scope of Ford’s operations conjointly determines the key structure elements needed to resist competition and market risks. In this regard, Ford’s position as the second biggest U.S.-based automobile manufacturer is a sign of…show more content…
Other characteristics of this structure are based on the global scope and nature of Ford’s business. Features of Ford Motor’s Organizational Structure Ford’s structure is designed keeping in mind the necessity to regulate operations consistent with regional market conditions. Markets belonging to the same region have similarities that Ford used as basis for regional structuring. The primary features of Ford Motor’s structure are: Corporate Hierarchy: Ford follows a conventional corporate hierarchy in its structure. For example, Executive Vice Presidents report to CEO, Middle managers report to these executive VPs. This characteristic of Ford’s structure supports conventional business management approaches that are designed for effective top-down management. Regional Geographic Divisions: Ford has quite massive geographic divisions in its structure. Ford’s structure is split into solely 3 geographic divisions that cover all its markets round the world. A bearing of this feature of the structure is the relative easy integration of business strategies. Ford’s distinguished regional geographic divisions are (a) the Americas, (b) Europe, geographic area, and Africa, and (c) Asia Pacific. An executive VP is assigned a
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