Formal Communication Within A Company Fosters Teamwork, Collaboration, And Success

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Creating a heathy work environment is essential to the success of the team. This chapter will discuss three different principles examining what is needed to create an environment where each team member genuinely cares about the other members of the team; creates a shared workload; and joint ownership.
Leadership Principle One: Successful Leaders Foster Communication Managers with above average communication skills are the key to creating a healthy work environment. A well-informed employee is on the way to being a more highly motivated employee knowing the focus and the results that are expected from their personal efforts. Michael Fleisher, CEO of Gartner, Inc. states “I believe that open, informal communication within a company
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Thus, coordination with different mindsets increases the productivity of work.” (Shahid & Azhar, 2013, pg. 62)
Leadership Principle Three: The Effective Leader Selects the Right People Selecting the right mix of employee’s is imperative to the success of a department or company. As stated by Gene Abbott, CEO of the contracting firm Abbott and Associates, “Success is not achieved totally by leadership alone. A good leader makes sure he is surrounded by the right people, that there are open lines of communication in all matters, and that there is a strong commitment by all.” (Yaverbaum, 2004) pg. 1 When a team celebrates to together, they become closer, more involved in the lives of each other. Making it easier to accomplish more than teams whose members do not interact with each other.
“Great team members will celebrate along the way, reveling in exercising innate skills, engaging with interesting people, and being part of an effort that accomplishes more as a team than possible alone. Celebrate successful project completion and special achievements, especially those above actual expectations. Show appreciation of team members with the understanding that recognition doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive but should be obvious and heartfelt.” (Shaid & Azhar, 2013, pg. 58)
Managers need to select

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