Leadership Reflective Essay

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The three most important things that I have learned are based on the foundation of systems theory. Communities are made of a giant system and immeasurable subsystems acting and reacting with one another. When the various systems become unstable, resulting needs arise. Often, there are so many contributions to an issue; one has a great deal of difficulty understanding the source of the problem. Rather, the primary importance is accepting the relationships between individuals and environments. Communities must recognize that those within the system are responsible for taking the steps to provide stability for existence and intervening to strengthen existing structures (Homan, 2011). The most successful social undertakings involve …show more content…

Another significant subject is deciding what issues demand urgent engagement. It is very easy to be distracted by other problems within the larger concern. Focus is crucial to progress and success. Chapter 11 provides many suggestions on ways in “Selecting issues for action” (Homan, 2011, p. 335). The text also stresses the development of leadership as an essential component of organizational development. Homan (2011) explains that “Leadership provides a sense of confidence to members of an organization or group” (p. 346). This content is something that I had not fully conceptualized in the past, but in evaluating previous experiences with leadership, I can now see a trend in the high value of positive leadership roles. This is an area that I will definitely carry new knowledge and consideration in future endeavors. The course content referring to the strategies of confrontation, negotiation, collaboration, and advocacy is beneficial and interesting. In particular, confrontation is an approach of which I personally avoid as much as possible, so the outline, guidelines, and strategies contained in the text are great empowerment tools. After learning more about the confrontation tool, I was able to identify its use as being relatively successful concerning local events. Specifically, there was a lot of speculation and outrage involving the Department of Children and Family Services regarding the death of Emani Moss, the 10 year

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