Four Cultural Issues Affecting the Google Culture Today

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Four Cultural Issues Affecting The Google Culture Today Introduction Google's global presence continues to accelerate given the speed of new product development and continual focus on creating new, innovative approaches to accessing, analyzing, categorizing and organizing information. Google considers speed a feature, form the experience of users querying its search engine to the rapidity of development efforts and strategies (Shipman, 2006). The combining of exceptional alacrity, accuracy, speed and depth of software sophistication also are forcing many cultural issues to the forefront of their operations, specifically from a Human Resources (HR) perspective as well (Human Resource Management International, 2011). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the four most critical cultural issues affecting Google today and that will continue to influence their strategies in the future. Analysis of Cultural Factors Influencing Google The greatest cultural factor influencing Google today is the need for continually recruiting talent. Google holds competitions globally with the aim of encouraging interest in science, technology and math, in addition to seeking out students for internships. The Google interviewing process is unlike any other in software or the search engine industry as the company looks to define the key success factors of abstract reasoning, ability to quickly determine the answers to complex problems, and depth of expertise in specific areas of a given
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