Four Stages in Health Communication

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Introduction Health communication is one of the power tools for promoting or improving health by informing the public about health concerns and to maintain important health issues on the public agenda. The use of the mass and multimedia and other technological innovations to disseminate useful health information to the public, increases awareness of specific aspects of individual and collective health as well as the importance of health in development. There are fourth stages in health communication included: planning, development, implementation, and evaluation . Planning is one of those stages which is critical to the development of an effective health communication project. Communication planning is a research-driven process. An in…show more content…
Social marketing also can change policy markers' frame of reference for social issues, such as the social acceptability of smoking, contributing to legislation and policy that change the environment. Social marketing can influence smokers to voluntarily accept, reject, modify, or abandon their smoking behavior. The majority of smokers knows about this fact but it is difficult for them to give it up mainly in the face of widespread smoking advertisements by the tobacco industries. To reduce the prevalence of smoking and its associated cancers, immediate actions are required by public health authorities. Social marketing is an effective strategy to promote healthy attitudes and influence people to make real, sustained health behavior change by transiting through different stages which include precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. (4.) Identify how health communication methods can affect political initiatives. According to a 2000 National Cancer Institute study, media campaign can produce reductions in smoking but only when the rest of the social structure actively changes the environment of the smoker. A 2001 World Health Organization review of anti-smoking campaigns from 9 countries and 6 US states and
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