Fowler, Sweeney, Kohlberg

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Fowler, Sweeney, and Kohlberg are three examples of faith movements. These movements describe the steps of development in our faith and moral code. When Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is within you” he was making us aware of the relationship we have with God, ourselves, and other. Fowler broke down the development of faith into six stages. Stage one is intuitive-projective faith. This stage is for pre-school children where their basic feelings about God, Jesus, and the Church are learned from their family. Stage two is mythic-literal faith. This stage is for children from ages six to twelve. Their beliefs becoming influenced from a wider circle of people such as teachers, friends, and clergy. Children start to become aware that there…show more content…
Some adults may live much of their lives with a literal faith. Stage three is group faith Young people start to value the importance of friendship and often come to view God as one who treats them much like a trusted companion. Stage four is person faith. People strengthen their faith by questioning earlier beliefs. Stage five is mystical faith. At this stage of faith the awareness of God’s inner presence leads one to become more aware that God also dwells in others. Interfaith dialogue now becomes not a threat but an opportunity for new understanding. Stage six is sacrificial faith. Jesus, Dorothy Day, and Archbishop Romero are examples of this sacrificial faith. Such people display radical and consistent commitment to the doing of God’s will that is uncompromised by concern for personal security. Kohlberg also broke down the development of faith into six stages. He also grouped them into three different levels. Level one is the preconventional level which includes stages one and two. Stage one is punishment and obedience. In this stage one is motivated by avoidance of punishment. Stage two is personal usefulness. One looks for at what is right according to if it satisfies one’s own needs and occasionally the needs of others. Level two is the conventional level which includes stages three and four.
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