Frank Fair Is The Leader Of An Audit Team

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Frank Fair is the leader of an audit team who are on task to begin an important business undertaking. This gives him the opportunity to choose one intern who will likely be granted a permanent position in Frank’s department. There are two possible candidates who are on opposite ends regarding skill traits. Michele Merit, who is highly qualified, and Nick Nepotism, who is less disciplined and accomplished. Although the decision is obvious to select Michele, Frank’s supervisor influences him to select the lesser candidate, due to him being the son of an important client. It appears Frank has already made up his mind, but is now unsure due to pressure from his manager.
Ethics is more than legality and although there doesn’t appear to be any broken laws, or any broken yet, ethical standards in business are fundamental. Ethics goes beyond obeying laws to include abiding by moral standards accepted by society. Without good moral behavior, many more negative situations would develop like corruption, insider trading, extortion, embezzlement, and for students, plagiarism. Frank is put in a difficult situation because he conscientiously knows that the wrong decision wouldn’t only affect Michele, but will also affect him and his team. Not carrying out his supervisor’s request can eventually get him fired. Doing what he wants, will have unfavorable future outcomes for his team. Sometimes there is no easy alternative in such ethical dilemmas because you must choose between equally

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