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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is considered to be one of the greatest Gothic Romantic novels and is sometimes regarded as the first science fiction novel. Shelley wrote this book when she was very young it was published when she was 21. She came up with the idea to the book in the summer of 1816, which she spent in Switzerland with Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron. As they spent most of their time inside reading ghost stories, since it rain almost the whole time, the three of them decided that they all should write a ghost story. Mary Shelley says that the picture of young Victor Frankenstein came to her in a dream and a couple of years later the book was published. The book contains a lot of Gothic influences and aspects. I will point …show more content…
Justine is convicted for the murder and executed. Frankenstein feels that it is his fault that both his brother and Justine are dead and he suffers from great anguish and deep guilt. All people reject the monster and he is very frustrated, sad and wants to have revenge on everyone. His actions of revenge stretch further and further and are mostly focused on his creator. He wants Victor Frankenstein to suffer, for he made him into a monster. Killing Victor's brother was only the beginning of his anger.

This is one of the greatest Gothic novels throughout time. The popular Gothic tales of Ann Radcliffe probably inspired Mary Shelley when she wrote this book. The settings in Frankenstein are typical Gothic, for example the school where Frankenstein lives in Ingolstadt, a large old building with large spaces. In these large spaces Frankenstein can create in secret and no one ever notice his work. Also the environment described when Frankenstein comes back to Geneva after the death of his brother, there is a thunderstorm the sky is dark and rumbles frightening and there are flashes of lightning: "Another storm enlightened Jura with faint flashes; and another darkened and sometimes disclosed the mole/../While I watched the storm, so beautiful yet terrific, I wandered on with a hasty step. This noble war in the sky elevated my spirits;"(p.56). These dark surroundings even in daytime are

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