Free And Open Trade Policies, Liberal Business Environment And Good Economic Order

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Business environment Free and open trade policies, liberal business environment and good economic order UAE government always has implemented an open free trade policy; there are no trade quotas, barriers and foreign exchange control and management organizations; no income tax, value added tax, consumption tax and other middle parts of tax, the profits can be freely transfer to anywhere you want. There is 5% tariff for most of commodities except tobacco and liquor, etc. Dollar and the UAE currency remained stable, liberal visa policy make every different countries talents people can work in UAE. UAE has excellent transport, telecommunications, energy and industrial infrastructure, the free trade zones, high-quality …show more content…

UAE are attention to the use of natural gas resources, the development of cement, aluminum, plastics, building materials, clothing, and food processing industry, emphasis on the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery. In addition, the rapid development of the UAE tourism, there are millions of people in every year come to the United Arab Emirates to participate in exhibitions, business meetings, or purchase orders. Dubai 's GDP in 2013 reached $ 887 billion, but there only less than 2 percent GDP of gross domestic product is oil class. There are many kinds of trade format in UAE; most are wholesale, ectrepot trade, spot trading. Product quality and price are divided 3 parts:
1. Good quality product usually is brand-name products; they have 10%-15% market shares and 20% profit in these kinds of products, controls by international consortiums and the big companies.
2. The quality of moderate, they have 65%-85% market shares and have 8%-12% profit, often controls by small and medium size manufactures and trading companies.
3. Low-quality, cheap products have 5%-10% market shares and there are only 3-4% profits, only between manufacturers and buyers, the buyers directly purchase the inventories from the manufacturers.

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