Free College Is A Great Dream

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Free college is a great dream, but not feasible.
A higher education benefits not only the individual, but our country and economy as a whole. Higher tuition fees could affect students’ decision to not go to college, the government should pass a bill that limits some of the unnecessary fees that colleges charge students.
The government should pay for the college education of its citizens because it is no longer an option to rely on scholarships to pay for college, they are becoming harder to get and a lot of them are only geared to a specific group of students. Even with a scholarship the out of pocket fees are unbearable, students still have to pay a huge percentage of their education or even have to drop out of college because they cannot afford it. They can apply for loans, but who wants to leave college with loans mounting up to 60 thousand dollars per student? The government should take education more seriously than some of the other affairs of the state because we are going to be the ones running this country one day and it is not possible to do that well without a proper education.
University of Chicago professor Luigi Zingales published a piece in the New York Times in which he argued that the U.S. should get out of the business of subsidizing college with government grants and loans, and instead move toward a system whereby students pay the costs of higher education out of their future incomes. Zingales claims that it is the subsidizing of higher education that is
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