From Sandwich Shop to Subway

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Subway Report
Subway was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. The duo opened their first sandwich shop when DeLuca was only seventeen years old. DeLuca’s childhood dream was to become a prominent doctor. Therefore, he needed to find a way to pay for his medical career. On the other hand, Peter Buck was a family friend who offered DeLuca the possibility to become business partners. Their first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was called, “Pete’s Super Submarines.” They sold over three hundred sandwiches on the opening day. The price range for each sandwich was between forty-nine to sixty-nine cents. Although they struggled for couple of years they were optimistic. Their goal at that time was to open over thirty stores in the next ten years. The pair wanted to create a success’ image. Later, Fred learned that good customer service, quality food and low prices were important to stay in business for a long time.
In 1968, the little submarine shop changed their name to the trademark “Subway.” They made seven thousand dollars only on that year. However, the duo was too ambitious to settle with that. It was in 1974, and after sixteen stores in Wallingford, Connecticut that Subway grew into a franchise. In this way, becoming the first franchise in the United States. The mindset of DeLuca and Buck was to allow the now chain brand, to expand countrywide. But at this point they fell half way short on their original goal ten years ago. This
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