Functions Of Operations Management At Tesco Plc

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Operations management has gained significant importance among academicians and business practitioners in recent years because managing business operations profoundly impacts an organisation’s costs, and is therefore a basic key to achieving the competitive advantage (Barnes, 2008). Organisations can operate its business successfully only if it is able to manage its operation activities efficiently and effectively by making best use of the resources at its disposal and by ensuing that its customers receive goods or services with highest level of values. Operations management functions as a strategic link between consumers and the senior management team with a view to meet consumers’ requirements in a way that they are fully satisfied.
Framing of this paper
This paper will evaluate functions of operations management in comparison to the business case of Tesco Plc. Tesco has been adopting best practices of operations management to enhance improved performance throughout its stores. First part of this paper will evaluate the contributions of operations management to Tesco, and the second part will discuss the basic operations objectives in relation to Tesco Plc. Third section will critically evaluate the processes at Tesco that helped to achieve the operations objectives. The fourth section will recommend changes that are required for Tesco to improve its operations objectives.

Brief overview of Tesco Plc Tesco Plc, founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 as a

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