Fundamentals Vs. Social Media

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Mingee Kim
Robert Mason
English 121
Assignment #2
March 11, 2015
Fundamentals vs Social Media My brother rushes in to the house, runs up the stairs, sits at his table, and turns on his computer. As if he was paralyzed he doesn’t move an inch. A quarter till tenand he finally realized he was assigned math homework which he had forgotten. In a moment of panic he calls his friends and ask them for help, sure enough he has all the answerson his Face book email. The only thing left for him to do was to write down the answers exactly the same. This routine repeated for the next few months. By the end of the semester our parents were shocked to see how terrible he had done on his final. When asked what happened he just said he didn’t understand anything. A year later he was told he had to take an intermediate math course for he had failed the basic requirement to move up. This is one situation many parents know too well. In fact most parents do not understand the difficulty a child faces when dealing with social medias. What my brother failed to understand was, although his grade did not reflect poorly, he skipped out on the essential foundation that was necessary in order to solve the bigger problems. Despite all the beneficial value social media has, it can consume a child and take them away from the fundamentals of a child’s education. Children take in so much information some time it’s unbelievable. Like a sponge they soak up everything naturally. When the wrong…
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