GS1140 Mod6 Project

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Step1: Identify the Problem After a lot of introspective thought, my three biggest obstacles are my typing skills, time management, and my ability to read and spell. To begin with, my typing skills are limited to hunt and peck. While I have purchased software to help me learn, it will not happen overnight. My limited typing skills make the timed portions of my classes nearly, if not completely, impossible. For my career, this will handicap my ability to perform in any employment situation. Secondly, time management is a key part in education and career goals. Learning to balance a full time job, school, and a family with two small children is difficult. If I do not learn this art I will became very overwhelmed and one of the realms…show more content…
K.T. Potential Problem Analysis Table – Sobriety Potential Problem Possible Causes Preventive Action Contingent Actions Falling off the wagon Death in the family Stay in touch with loved ones so I don’t feel guilty Have support ready if a death is approaching (my father) Stress over money Read and follow “The Money Makeover” Spend less than we bring in Stress over marriage Counseling with wife Open and honest with wife at all times Lack of Support Find a sponsor I can rely on Fly into Fairbanks and talk to sponsor Belief I’m not really an addict Play the tape back to the end without all of the euphoric recall Remember all of the damage that I cause when I am high, loss of job, trust, family Stress over Job Stay sober Have good work ethic Step 5: Make an Implementation Plan Please see separate Excel document Step 6: Evaluate your Proposed Implementation Plan 1. Is the solution logical? a. The solution is logical. All of the criteria can be accomplished. 2. Does the solution solve the real problem? a. Since the only real solution to addiction is death, this is the best option. As long as I follow the path I will not stray from the path. It says it the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions that we never fall

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