Galaxy Toys Case Study

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Assignment 1 Role of the Manager and the Impact of Organizational Theories on Managers (Week 3) Patsy Colbert BMGT 364 6390 Management and Organization Theory (2178) September 10, 2017 Professor Charles Smith Introduction Galaxy Toys in Toledo Ohio, had a major shift in management problem, which cause managers to reevaluate their management approach. A general change in employee workplace values initiated management to modify the culture of increased competition. The advances in technology, workers threatening to unionize the company, a demand for employee management participation and a balance in the work-life for Galaxy was affected. Galaxy Toys concentrates on diversity and will pay attention to the ideas of the…show more content…
Mr. Bart Aldrin work with Galaxy Toys to change the need for managers to have necessary skills that are most useful in identifying the needs of the employees. “The contingency school emphases are on managing principles and processes that are determined by the qualities of each situation. With contingency school of thought, it depends on several situational issues involving external locations, expertise, administrative features, personalities of the manager, and appearances of the attendants” (Advameg Inc, 2017). Mr. Aldrin brought this management style to Galaxy, which helped to improve the approach of Galaxy. There was a shift in management approaches in the Galaxy Toy operation which caused Mr. Aldrin to reconsider his management style and shift to the modern management style. “The contingency school of thought applies primarily to management issues like structural design, job design, motivation, and leadership style” In the late 1980’s and early 90’s, Mr. Aldrin reviewed his management approach because of scientific developments, joining of certified unions, significant system changes, executive design and globalization. The contingency school of thought best describes Mr. Aldrin’s change in management because it emphasizes on the widespread principles of management” (Advameg Inc, 2017). The theorist under the identified school of thought that best describes Bart’s management style when he joined Galaxy
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