Galileo was the Greatest Innovator and Scientific Mind of his Time

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“I decided to stand alone on the throne of the world, because I believe all good philosophers fly alone like eagles.”(Axelrod 9 ) . Galileo is one of the greatest scientific minds and innovators of his time. Many questioned his methods of discovery, reasons for why something was happening in experiments he conducted. Galileo’s reasoning is the focal point to his research and helps with the idea of understanding how he thought. Galileo’s inventions were the most innovative and advanced in his field at the time. Most importantly Galileo was just trying to find truth , “Galileo was honest when he said that if the bible seemed to say something different from what science said, then one had just misinterpreted the bible”,(Axelrod 8 ). Provided the research and experiments Galileo had done his theories and ideas are correct for his time. As a scientist, Galileo experimented with many theories on how the universe was structured and found the copernican theory to be the most sensible but had trouble proving his system to be true. Galileo’s commitment to explanation as the basis for justification for his research is stronger than most of his other methods for explaining the environment around him.

How Galileo found his truths are thorough his research. Galileo started to reason the tides and the flow of the waves of the ocean,How the waves relate to the motion of the earth and it’s motion in relation to Copernican theory of the universe “the timing and magnitude of specific

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