Gay Marriage: A Right That Is to Be Accepted Essay

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Just how much in America, or anywhere in general, that accept people for their choices? To be honest, there isn’t many places on the PLANET that does so. Currently only about 16 states in the united states have made gay rights legal, meaning only sixteen states in an entire country with 50 states allow gay marriage.(“Where State Laws Stand”) I want to take a stand for gay marriages, and why it should be legal.
Most people agree and disagree about legalizing gay marriages. To be honest, is it really a big issue? If gay marriages become legal, it won’t end the world. Social Science Quarterly have even found that “Laws permitting same-sex marriage have no effect on marriage, divorce and abortion rates”.(Langbein) This example shows that gay …show more content…

Furthermore, study shows that children adopted by same-sex couples are just as well adjusted as heterosexual couples. ( Farr ) This shows that children raised by same-sex parents won’t affect them any less than heterosexual parents. So to conclude it all, gay couples could give children at orphanages a home, and that the fact that kids raised by same-sex couples won’t be any difference than being raised by heterosexual couples. Most homophobic or religious people will probably tell you that gay marriages are sins against God, therefore should not be legalized. Thier claims quoted by Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope John Paul the second, states “Marriage was established by the creator with it’s own nature, essential properties and purpose. No ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainly that marriage exists solely between a man and a women.”( Card Joseph ) Stating that since life is born between a man and woman, gay marriage would go against the nature of that. Despite opposition, I am still convinced that marriage for same-sex couples should be legal. Just because some groups of people dont like the idea of same-sex privilages shouldn’t change the fact that marriage is marriage. In the document :”Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur” ,it further proves this statement by simply stating: "Freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family

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