Gender Analysis On Gender Roles In Disney Movies

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Rough Draft for Gender Analysis In our society, the standard idea of a woman arises greatly by Disney movies , but does it also influence gender identity within a female? In Disney films females get portrayed as fragile, pretty, dependent, emotional, and loving. Disney movies including Cinderella, Snow White come and Sleeping Beauty, create the image were males stay above women and go on the norm of patriarchy which misleads the idea of how females should feel in society. Disney's traditional viewpoint on gender roles shapes girls to achieve their expectation of feminine. In society females don’t hold capacity of finding their true gender identity, and they don't know what they want. Disney movies portray a female as relying on men in order to have the happy endings that they wish for the male that saves them gets portrayed as brave while the princess remains attractive in fragile. In Snow White, she gets portrayed as weak, poor but still attractive, signifying that she consists in bad conditions but still pretty and good looking too lure the men to come and rescue her. Deborah Tannen, a professor of linguistics at Georgetown university, points out,” the women at the conference had to make decisions About Hair, clothing, makeup, and accessories and each decision carried meaning.” in society women have expectations of looking attractive in a number of ways they have such a variety of options and decisions they have to take before walking
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