Gender Based Violence Against Women

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Gender-based violence is only one of the many inequality problems that women face within our society. In the midst of this problem something that becomes more infuriating is the fact that it most often happens at the hands of friends, loved ones, and family members who find a way to justify the abuse and/or put the blame back on the victim. Gender-based violence against women is commonly seen as both a consequence and a cause of gender inequality (mainstream domestic, 194). In this paper, gender-based violence will be discussed in three forms, intimate partner abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.
Intimate partner violence is also referred to as domestic violence, moreover it is violence between two adults, current or former husband and …show more content…

2). For hundreds of years there was a widespread acceptance of wife beating, such as the infamous, “rule of thumb” expression. Furthermore, there have been long been deep-rooted social stereotypes that support acceptance of abuse in many families of our society today. It is often believed that domestic violence incidents are rare or minor, which usually do not require outside intervention. Cultural values and allow for justification of abuse, while in other situations gender based structure creates inequality. As recently as the mid-1980’s, judges viewed domestic violence as a symptom of a bad marriage rather that the cause of it. In this case when a man showed remorse and apologized, he was regarded as worthy of a second chance. There is no doubt that in today’s world most individuals considered spousal abuse wrong, yet our culture says otherwise, such as when a woman continues to be asked why doesn’t she leave if she is unhappy (Berry, 2000, p. 25). This is just an example of how our society continues to put the responsibility for change back on the victim while the focus should be on why does a man abuse the victim. Despite the positive changes traditional gender and sexual norms continue to reinforce that boys should be aggressive and authoritarian; this type of behavior is considered manly. Though girls are raised to be passive and

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