Essay about Gender Based Wages

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Has anybody really thought about how people in this world are treated based on certain stereotypes? Since the beginning of time women have been struggling for their own personal equality. After reading “The gap between male and female pay”, by Caitlyn Peterkin, I was surprised to see that even with equal educations, Women earn substantially less than men annually. I think the main intention is to inform people on just the statistics and does not effectively persuade the reader to believe in what she is saying. I do not think that is fair because women are just as intelligent and have an equal amount of work ethic. Why would they be paid less? I think that people can notice that women’s equality has gone up a large amount but it is still…show more content…
In the Article “The Wage Gap Myth, “by Anthony Kang, I finally got to see a male’s perspective. It talks about what happens when a man takes a position from a woman. People start to ask questions, and get upset. They think that a male will get a raise in pay. I do not believe so but it does state that women have a better perspective on politics. I like these types of articles because the author used real and up to date statistics and information. Men make fun of women but yet they probably could not handle a day in a woman’s shoes, not only because they are probably the wrong size but because they have a lot to take care of on a daily basis. All stories and all arguments have a climax. This is one that never came down from the climax. Women want to have their work appreciated just like everyone else. It is a shame to not be rewarded for your own blood, sweat and tears. A woman has to be at a higher position in order to receive more money and cannot be the same. After reading this article my initial response was very unpleasant. I did not like what I was reading. Even the famous women who are making exponential amounts of money are being cut short. I don’t understand how people can do things like this to each other. The Writer says that this is very wrong and I personally agree to every word he says. I doubt that anything this person writes will inspire a lot of people but it might get to a few. Anyone who
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