Gender Stereotypes: Gender Discrimination Towards Women

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Gender Discrimination Towards Women Let us discuss stereotypes. Girls and boys have always been categorized like blue is for guys and pink is for girls. Girls are not good at sports as guys are. Guys are messy and girls are organized. Guys do all the work while girls don’t. The point is, categorizing male and female into very discriminating categories, have built up much more serious situations that have seriously affected, specifically, the female population. These stereotypes have really filled the world with injustice, hate, and have led to a major social issue which is gender discrimination. Gender discrimination in the workplace, in education, and in sports is a significant issue because it has slowly affected, minimized, and undervalued women and young girls all over the world. Women face discrimination in the workplace. Color, ethnicity, and gender have a major influence on women’s salaries nowadays. For example, Lahle Wolfe states that women in 2015, by working the same hours as men, still earn just 83% of what men get paid (Wolfe). He also addresses the fact that, women would have to work almost a month and a few days more to reach a male’s salary (Wolfe). Women are not only discriminated by salaries but are even judged by their looks and, in most work fields, have to follow certain dress codes and what they wear can even determine the future of their career. For instance, in 2010, DebrahLee Lorenzana, who used to work at a Citibank, sued the company because

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