Essay on Gender Discrimination at the Work Place

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Gender Discrimination at the Work Place
According to Gorman (2008), gender discrimination is the practice of denying or granting rights and/or privileges to an individual based on gender. This practice is acceptable and longstanding to both genders in some societies. In some religious groups, gender discrimination is considered as part of the norm, especially discrimination on women. However, in most countries that are civilized an industrialized, it is considered to be illegal uncalled for. Gender discrimination is a term used in sociology to refer to undertaking treatment towards or against an individual of a certain group based on his/her class or perceived category. The term refers to beliefs and attitudes that people
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Therefore, Katarzyna (2012) outlines many forms of gender discrimination which affect employees in an organization. Some types of gender discrimination display signs of deviant behavior that are obvious while other forms cannot be seen and the person being harassed can only report. Gender discrimination in terms of harassment can come from an employer, a supervisor, colleague, client, the management or anyone in the organization. In most countries, it is illegal to discriminate against gender either when applying for a job or looking, pay or for promotion. The law protests the employees against such discrimination. Sexual harassment which is also part of gender discrimination is also prohibited in most countries and there are laws governing that. An employer can discriminates against an employee by judging the employee based on some particular characteristic that is protected, and uses that characteristic as a basis to infringe the rights of the individual with regard to employment or other benefits like promotion or pay raise. They can also simply harass the employee verbally or sexually (Coy and Dwoskin 2012).
Held (2006) points out that it is important to note the indicators of gender discrimination, like for instance, the qualifications of job applicants are the main indicator of
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