Gender Inequality For Women

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Gender Inequality
From the dawning of Neanderthal man, all the way up to the modern-day man, women have experienced gender inequality. In the past, men were considered the hunters while the women had to stay behind to reproduce and nurture the children. Today, women have come along way but still experience back lash due to sexism. The textbook definition of sexism is the subordination of one sex, usually female, based on the assumed superiority of the other sex. The major social problems America faces with gender inequality for women are significant wage gaps, sexual harassment, and character stereotypes. A lot of these problems occur in the work force. People should spread awareness, that way the work force can be a safe and more productive environment. There have been many cases where a man will be doing the same job as a woman, yet the man will receive more pay. In June 20th, 2011 Wal-Mart was going thru a big lawsuit for employment discrimination. Men were not just getting more pay then women but they were also receiving more promotions. Because of this, women’s pay and promotion were left in the hands of nearly an all-male management. New York Times writes “The suit, against Wal-Mart stores, had sought to consolidate the claims of as many as 1.5 million women on the theory that the company had discriminated against them.” The case did reach supreme court level, which worried other companies; the companies thought it would cause a flood of lawsuits for them. In the

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