Gender Inequality : Today 's Society Essay

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Gender inequality has become an ongrowing issue in today’s society. This issue begun in early history and has grown over time. In early days it simply began as women not being able to vote or not being able to work. This has improved over time and now women have gained those rights, but there are still inequalities in today’s society between genders. When most people think of gender inequality they automatically think of women. Men have also started to become victims of gender inequality. Men are expected to be tough and show no emotion. They are also expected to live up to the standards of other men by doing work that is considered “manly.” Having this type of gender gap is impacting today’s society greatly. Gender issues are affecting men and women in today’s society and a change needs to happen. Women began as the first victims of gender inequality. Gender issues began when women were expected to clean and take care of their families. Chores were also gender oriented; children that were girls were expected to help wash dishes and learn to cook. Women also did not work at all. The very few women who did work were often school teachers, but they did nothing more than that. A woman’s main priority was to care for her family and take care of her home. This expectation of women changed over time once women began to work. In today’s society it is more common for a woman to work, but she is still expected to take on the motherly role of the house. This role

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