Gender Inequality : What 's The Right Thing?

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Robyn Mendoza
Ms. Bergen
English 10- 2
26 April 2013
Gender Inequality Gender inequality is an on going topic in society today. Women continue to struggle in finding equality next to men. Women should have the exact same rights as men, no matter what the differences are between the two genders. In the book Justice: What 's the Right Thing to Do, Aristotle’s theory of justice is “giving people what they deserve” (Sandel 9). Women should not be restricted or constrained from anything that men have the free will and power to do. Instead, women should be treated no less than men and have the same freedoms. Gender inequality is an injustice because it treats women differently opposed to the equality both men and women deserve as human …show more content…

This is because they do not have a voice in society, and they do not want to cause problems. Women are required to do things that men are not because of their gender and this is an injustice. Women are constantly under the constraint of men who have the strength and power to physically harm women who are much weaker than them. In recent years, complaints have increased in frequency about aggression by men who are not part of the women’s family (Bose and Kim 51). Not only are men hurting women but men who have no absolute relation to a certain woman is hurting her. This clearly shows that men do not take ownership in their wives but they allow other men who to treat her just as poorly as he himself. This violence continues to enforce the large impact men have on women. They can have every right to any women and abuse her. Men see themselves of having this over powering right to hurt anybody including somebody much fragile than themselves. But women because of their small figures and feminine qualities have no thought of doing the same. Not only is injury something women face but having less rights than their husbands. A law in Iran states, “The general rule in Islamic Shari’a is that divorce is the husband 's unilateral right and he can end his marriage by following a simple procedure: reciting the divorce formula in the presence of two witnesses. He does not need any grounds and

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