Gender Roles : The Man Or The Woman?

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Who is supposed to take out the trash? The man or the woman? Gender roles have become norms within heterosexual relationships in our society. Beyond simple tasks being associated with gender—women washing dishes and men taking out the trash—power has also become tied to gender. Men have acquired an unbalanced hold of power that women have been denied. Ciara points out these unfair gender roles in her music video Like a Boy. To Ciara, men have been allowed to lie, cheat, be secretive, and come home late—giving men an unequal hold of power within the relationship. She refers to these actions as acting “like a boy.” In order to reveal the unfairness of these double standard gender roles, Ciara asks what would be if she, more broadly what would happen if women did these things; what if they acted “like a boy?” The video begins with shots of Ciara after switching roles and says: “2007 ladies, I think it’s time to switch roles.” She makes a call to women to switch roles, to critique the actions that have been deemed acceptable for men, but unacceptable for women.
Ciara’s video seems to show an empowering message to women: dismantle the power that men have acquired. But when we take a closer look at Ciara’s music video, we can see that Ciara’s critique of men does not redistribute power within a relationship. There is not an actual switch of roles that Ciara calls for. Ciara is the only one in the relationship that switches roles. The man keeps his role and his power. Since she has

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