Gender, Sexuality, Race, And Religion Essay

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Introduction UC Berkeley students are diverse in their age, gender, sexuality, race, and religion. As a result, their aspirations for their career and family life can differ on a person-to-person basis. In her study, Gerson interviewed 120 individuals, averaging an age of 24, and found that the majority of both men and women sought an egalitarian relationship. However, as a fallback plan, women turned to a model of self-reliance while men returned to neo-traditional ideas (2010). Because the majority of her sample consisted of White middle-class individuals I was interested in observing whether these findings were applicable to marginalized identities in a college setting that have different experiences from the dominant society. After conducting a qualitative analysis on a sample of 12 self-identified Latina Berkeley students, I found that while marriage and children were in most of their family plans, the majority would not sacrifice their careers and regarded them as significant. These women emphasized an importance on personal growth and necessitated egalitarian partners that would support them in their careers. This is a significant shift away from gendered ideas present in Latino culture.

Literature Review In The Unfinished Revolution, Gerson discusses three main models of family life: an egalitarian outlook, a self-reliant outlook, and a neo-traditional outlook. An egalitarian outlook focuses on an equal partnership where financial, household, and childcare

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