General Electric Through Jack Welch

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This analysis, reviews major changes in General Electric through Jack Welch’s two-decade transformation. From 1981 to 2001, Welch transformed General Electric’s strategy, businesses, operations and workforce development in order to make GE a leading conglomerate within its industry. This analysis will review the following topics:
• Challenges Welch faced with assumption of CEO responsibility
• Welch’s major transformation efforts to rebuild a foundation at GE
• Review and analysis of results from Welch’s transformations
• Analysis of Welch’s approach to leading change and future issues his predecessor must undertake
Challenges Welch faced with assumption of CEO responsibility Welch assumed his position as CEO of General Electric (GE) in 1981 from Reg Jones. At the time of Welch’s assumption of responsibility, GE was leading the world as the most diversified company in its industry. The conglomerate was providing products and services in power generation, household appliances, lighting, air craft engines, medical systems and diesel locomotives (Bartlett & Wozny, 2005). While developing a plan of attack on how he was going to make GE a profitable corporation, an external challenge involving the greatest unemployment rate since the Great Depression was upon him. Prior to Welch’s appointment, GE was executing 43 different strategic plans for individual businesses incorporated into a hierarchy that involved 10 groups, 46 divisions and 190 departments. He identified the…

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