Generation Reserve Is An Important Factor In Generation

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Generation reserve is an important factor in generation planning or operating process, as discussed in the previous chapter, subsection 3.1. Traditionally, fixed percentage of the peak load is used as a reserve for planning purpose and another one for operating purpose. On solar generation system, both of generation and load are variable. This behavior is extremely confusing in appropriate reserve estimation. Solar PV power changes during the day, season and month. Moreover, clouds affects badly on PV generated power, as discussed in section 2. This part discusses new techniques of generation reserve estimation depending on a new reliability index called Clouds Effect On Load Loss or CEOLL. This index is inspired from traditional LOLP…show more content…
PDischarge: is the partial load power covered by storage discharge. PCharge: is the needed power for storage charging during sunshine time. Fig. 3.6 shows a typical case of solar radiation and estimating process of load curve level. Battery charging and discharging areas are denoted as A and B respectively. (a) (b) © (d) Fig.3.6. Battery charge & Discharge & Demand loads. Clouds Effect On Load Loss CEOLL Loading capacity and reserve calculation are usually calculated from generating plant rated capacity. PV power plants have varying capacity according to expected solar radiation. Therefore, fixed loading level or constant reserve range can’t fit varying behavior of PV power. This study propose new reliability index that defines appropriate reserve/ loading level monthly. Loading level is calculated according to related clear sky solar radiation. By using CEOLL index, reliable reserve level can be checked and adapted in case of cloudy weather. CEOLL can be represented mathematically as follows: CEOLL= ( ∑_k▒P_k *〖LOL〗_k*t_k ) / tt W/m2 (3) Where: CEOLL: is clouds effect on load loss index k: is the studied time interval per day, Pk: is probability for outage solar generation, 〖 LOL〗_k : is Loss Of Load from clear solar radiation
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