Genetically Modified Organisms, Also Known As Gmo’S, Are

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Genetically modified organisms, also known as GMO’s, are important to today’s society because they bring more food to more people at a cheaper price. If a crop is a GMO, it means that its DNA sequence has been altered in a lab. When seeds are genetically altered in this way, it is to inject a certain characteristic that is not present in the traditional plant into the DNA. Usually, this characteristic is to make the crop more susceptible to fertilizer and pesticides, or to sustain harsh weather conditions. Sometimes, genes are modified to make foods taste better or be more nutrient dense. Not everyone believes that genetically modified organisms are positive because people feel that they are both unnatural and unethical due to the fact …show more content…

By producing more food for a cheaper price, the farmer makes more money, and the consumer saves more money. Although people feel that genetically modified organisms are unsafe, they are actually healthier for our bodies, our planet, and are more affordable.
A report, Genetically Engineered Crops: Past Experience and Future Prospects written by the Academics’ study committee was created to answer some of the most controversial questions involved with genetically modified organisms. This report took a scientific view point of the subject of genetically engineered crops. The committee’s first order of business was to research the effect of genetically modified organisms on agriculture and the environment. This study included the research of insecticide and herbicide use, insect and weed resistance, and crop yield. The study concluded “no conclusive evidence of cause-and-effect relationships between Genetically Engineered crops and environmental problems”. In addition, the study did prove that insects and weeds are developing a stronger resistance to the Genetically Engineered crops. The data also revealed that this insect and weed resistant positively impacted crop yield. This means that farmers have to spray less chemicals, which is cheaper, and also healthier for the Earth. Because GM’s resist insects and weeds, harvests lose less crops, which means more crops can be produced, which is important when trying to feed the world.
While many people are often concerned with the

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