Genzyme Csr Dilemma

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EMBA Winter 2016

SMO 860: Management of Technology and Innovation

April ,07,2016

Case Analysis: Genzyme’s CSR Dilemma: How to Play Its HAND

Marcio Augusto da Matta Dr. Anthony R. Briggs

1. Introduction
Genzyme is a biotechnology company with a leading role in the world’s treatment for Orphan and neglected diseases. At the moment its Senior VP, Mr. Geragthy faces a time for decisions. The analysis momentum is over and he must propose the best direction for the company. I will go deeply inside the company and analyse the inside and outside scenario to be able to run the VRIO model and give my preference to Mr. Geragthy. 2.
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Genzyme, in 1998, launched a global version of Ceradase Assistance Program (CAP) called the Gaucher Initiative with the objective of delivering treatment to those in less developed Countries. It was a huge shift towards the need to link competitive advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility.
With this, the embedded corporate value of putting patients first was translated into a two price policy for drug. One with full price and other completely free for the ones who could not afford it. 4. The Genzyme’s Dilemma
With a successful company and a vision to help patient they started to think on how Genzyme could contribute to the plight of those suffering from such widespread, neglected diseases. It is the birth of HAND – Humanitarian Assistance for Neglected Diseases.
They need to choose the next challenge project to work with and allocate their work power and scarce resource.
After all the analysis for the competent people, they have three new diseases in their field of action: Malaria, Chagas and Tuberculosis.

4.1 Malaria widespread in India. That was the approach from Mr. Sahney and in fact very relevant one. It threats more than 3 billion people and it that has a capacity of killing more than 1 Million people per year and so, deserves all the attention. It is also

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