Geographic Features And Spatial Distribution Essay

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In two-dimensional space, geographic features have spatial references. Central tendency must incorporate the coordinates that define the location of the features or objects. This in the spatial context will be the mean center, the weighted mean center, or the median center of a spatial point distribution. There is no essential correct way of calculating the center of spatial distribution (no one correct way to calculate in all situations, although appropriate methods to calculate for various settings. The interpretation of the result of the calculation can be determined by the nature of the problem.
The mean center is the average location of a set of points. These points can represent regional subdivisions, landslides, water wells, and such in a region. It is the geographic center of the set of observations. In the study area, the average of X-bar and Y-bar coordinate is taken of all the features/observations. The mean center of X and Y are X-bar and Y-bar respectively. For the i-th observation of object, Xi and Yi are the coordinates and n is the number of observations.

The weighted mean center is the measure of the weighted geographic center of the set of observations, as the weighted average Xw-bar and Yw-bar coordinate are seen of the features/observations in the study area. Xw-bar and Yw-bar are the weighted mean center of X and Y (respectively), Xi and Yi are the coordinates for the i-th observation, and wi is the weight. For example, the population in the i-th

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