Geographical Information about Romania

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Romania is located in the central part of Europe between the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. Other countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria surround it. Its location put Romania in direct contact with the Roman Empire from 106 C.E. to 271 C.E. Romania’s folk-like beliefs, arts, and culture was inspired by its interaction with the thriving Romans in the Common Era which help shape present-day Romania.
Romania was first colonized by a tribe called the Dacians and later came into contact with the conquering Romans and started thriving under Roman rule (Stanford 1839). Under the Romans, the Dacian tribe incorporated their culture and the Romans culture together and flourished. The Dacian tribe thrived until barbarian tribes forced the emperor to abandon the land in 270 C.E. (Kurian). For 700 years after the region was abandoned, nobody knew what happened there except that Latin-speaking tribes engaged and divided the land (Kurian). The divided state of Romania, known as Walachia and Moldavia, were both conquered by the Ottoman Empire for 300 years (Stanford 1838). During the Russo-Turkish War (1826-182), the Russian army sparked and enlightenment period and laid the foundation for Romania as we know it today (Kurian). Romania joined World War I on the Allied side but ended up having to give up some territory until the Allied side was allowed to re-establish pre-war borders in 1918 (Stanford 1840). Following WWI, Romania went through a period of

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