George Washington 's Farewell Address Essay

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It was this date 1796 that George Washington gave his “Farewell Address.” This profoundly important message is still read each year in the Senate. On September 19, 1796, US President George Washington published his Farewell Address to the nation of citizens. It was a thoroughly thoughtful analysis of our new nation, its needs for the future and his plans to decline to seek a third term as president. It was not delivered as a speech, but rather published in many newspapers and public venues.
George Washington announced his permanent retreat from the world 220 years ago today. His “Farewell Address,” first drafted by Madison and later newspaper in America and read widely throughout Europe. Tinged by the dark, sober though that he must soon be to the mansions of rest. It contains a penetrating analysis highly relevant to our domestic affairs today, and it remains superior to most comparable documents produced since. He offers his parting words as a disinterested onlooker, an old and affectionate friend who, without flattery, deals frankly with his countryman, as is becoming free citizens.

Washington 's Farewell Address Analysis

The two main themes that he warns against are true and occurring in this current day and age. Political parties are growing and becoming too powerful. That our foreign affairs should be temporary and only to the benefit of the United States and that we should maintain neutrality at all cost. George Washington had a crystal ball into our nation’s

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