Getting My First Job

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Getting my first job was really quite an experience. I learned and grew up a whole lot from just that alone. I remember all the steps I took to get there from the interviewing process to even starting with something as simple as a resume. It felt so great just obtaining the job through hard work and dedication. It was the beginning of my senior year where nearly everyone had a job and I was pretty much discouraged. I felt like I would never get a job. My schedule was pretty flexible so I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting hired by anyone. I sat for a while and came to conclusion I had to have a different attitude to get a better outcome. With persistence everything slowly fell into place. I got so much encouragement from the people around …show more content…

certainly not” The first day at my first job was crazy. Quitting and not having a job didn’t even seem all that bad. I felt like I had been thrown into an aquarium full of sharks and I was the bait. There were tons of new attitudes, preferences from each manager and other things I had to just adjust or not be liked. That was crazy at that point I was totally done. I wondered if my parent’s would understand my sudden quitting of my first job. I remembered something a wise person once told me, you have to make a plan and stick to it. With that advice I got through my first 12-hour …show more content…

3 things exactly. 1) you accept the behavior you think you deserve. People will disrespect you until you tell them enough is enough and that’s exactly what happened the manager got really upset when I demanded the respect from her which led to our altercation. 2) You don’t have to stay anywhere you don’t want to be because you feel like it’s your only option. I had to learn there will be many more jobs and some of them may not work and I have to learn to let go of them when that time came. I would only be stressing myself out if I stuck around. 3) A manger is not the highest form of authority! There is always someone above them. If I could’ve went back, I would’ve talked to someone about my manager’s behavior before quitting because there was someone actually someone available and I just didn’t use all my resources. I learned so much from getting my first job, literally everything I learned I use in my everyday life today. It has made other situations I go through easier to deal with and made me a little smarter on how I go about them. It was a horrible experience but that doesn’t even matter because what I learned from it really it outweighs the experience and what I went

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