Glastonbury Representation in Text

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The texts given are both based on Glastonbury and the conditions there, despite this the language included is almost completely different.
The most obvious difference between the two is that Text A is spoken mode and contains multiple speakers, text B is in the written mode and has only one author.
Mary is the main person being interviewed in Text A and you can tell she’s nervous and is not used to being on the radio due to her use of non-verbal fillers such as ‘um’ and ‘err’. You can see this even more when she seems distracted by the things around her, we can see this in the quote ’[Timmy squeaks] but erm Luke err probably after ah after..’. In this we can see she’s clearly distracted by the noise her son made due to the 3 non-verbal fillers she uses and repeats herself as if she’s forgotten what she was going to say. In contrast Nick, the interviewer, it clearly used to being on the radio and asks several questions in a row to keep conversation flowing such as ‘what about Luke and Timmy (.) did they get tired at any stage’. Despite it being spoken we can tell it’s a question due to the words what and did at the start of the sentence.
Text B does contain questions such as ‘..who will provide the memorable moments this year?’ which is a interrogative sentence. However instead of being answered the questions mentioned are rhetorical and used to engage the reader.
Both of the texts seem to be aimed at middle aged people, we can see this from the language and the content

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